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One year later, Chef Lou’s Army continues to provide FREE meals to Monmouth and Ocean County families.

See in, how your support and our recent grant from NJEDA helped through the holidays and read more at about those impacted by the pandemic.

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Our Schedule of Events

April 26th* Tour Course
We hope you enjoy the day!

We Appreciate the Support

Please join us in thanking our generous sponsors for making our event a success.

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Auction Gift Baskets
Buy your tickets 20$ and arm length and drop them into each basket to win our great prizes below

Enter our Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin contests to win!

CLA Golfer Gift Bag
valued at $100 donated from Shore Point Distributors
WIN These Army Golf Baskets
Restaurant Package
valued at $1000 donated from TBC
Beach and Bike Package
valued at $500 donated from Vicky Munnely and Friends
Beauty Package
valued at $500 donated from Razzberris
Meat Box
valued at $1000 donated from MEAT ARTISAN 
Flying Lessons
valued at $1000 donated from Monmouth Jet Center
valued at $500 donated from Beast Foodservice Equipment
Golf Artwork
valued at $2800 donated from TBC
Sports Buy
valued at $ donated from TBC
Linwood Golf Foursome
valued at $500 donated from Linwood

Let's Meet the Teams

Hole Groupings


Group: 1A  Chef Lou’s Army 
Captain: Chef Lou Smith
Shirts: 4- FOUR – XL-Mens
Group: 1B  Team Stafford
Captain: Richard Stafford
Shirts: ONE – XXL
Radin (Single) – Join 1B
+ 1 Dinner Only  Shirts: ONE – M
Billy Vowell (Two Singles) – Join 1B
Shirts: ONE – XL


Group: 2A  Blazing Visuals 
Captain: Peter Dispirito 
Shirts:1- ONE -XXL–Mens, 2- Two -L-Mens, 1- ONE -XL-Mens
Group: 2B  Pine Belt
Captain: Robert Sickel
Shirts:2- Two -XXL–Mens, 2- Two -L-Mens


Group: 3A  Ricciardelli (Two Singles)
Captain: Gerard Ricciardelli 
Shirts:1- ONE -M-Mens, 1- ONE -M-Female
Joe Caputo  (Single) – Join 3A
Shirts:1- ONE -L-Mens
Chandler Thompson  (Single) – Join 3A
Shirts:1- ONE -XXL–Mens
Group: 3B  Drennan 
Captain: Thomas Drennan 
Shirts:1- ONE -MED, 1- ONE -L, 2- Two -XL


Group: 4A  Team Dombrowsky (Threesome)
Captain: Robert Dombrowsky 
Shirts:3- THREE – XL-Mens
Weinberg (Single) – Join 4A
Shirts:1- ONE -XL + 1 Dinner Only
Group: 4B  Team Levine
Captain: Aaron Levine
Shirts:1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -L, 2- Two -M


Group: 5A  Hilsen Group
Captain: Alex Hilsen
Shirts:1- ONE -XXL, 2- Two -M, 1- ONE -XL
Group: 5B  Longview Construction
Captain: Bill O’Leary
Shirts:1- ONE -M(F), 3- THREE – XL


Group: 6A  Grip It and Sip It
Captain: Bob Smith
Shirts:2- Two -3XL, 1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -XXL
Group: 6B  Baller Blocking
Captain: Kris Davis
Shirts:1- ONE -L, 1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -XXL, 1- ONE -M


Group: 7A  4Squan
Captain: David Fine
Shirts:1- ONE -L, 2- Two -XL, 1- ONE -XXL
Group: 7B  Family First
Captain: Gabriel Gillen
Shirts:4- FOUR – XL


Group: 8A  Beefeaters
Captain: Gery Bera
Shirts:2- Two -XXL, 1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -L
Group:8B  Team Marshall
Captain: Jonathan Marshall
Shirts:4- FOUR – XL


Group: 9A  Murphy
Captain: Jay Murphy
Shirts:2- Two -XL, 2- Two -L
Group: 9B  Railroad Construction Company (RCC)
Captain: Jeff Mckeon
Shirts:2- Two -XL, 1- ONE -XXL, 1- ONE -L


Group: 10A  Beast Equipment
Captain: Jeremy (Beast)
Shirts:2- Two -XXL, 2- Two -XL
Group: 10B  Team Ohana
Captain: James Costello
Shirts:2- Two -XXL, 1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -L-(F)


Group: 11A  Smitty’s Group
Captain: Jonathan Smith
Shirts:2- Two -L, 1- ONE -M, 1- ONE -XXL
Group: 11B  Bad Old Golfers
Captain: Kaz Szulc
Shirts:1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -M, 2- Two -L


Group: 12A  The Woods Brothers Experience ft. Peter
Captain: Kevin Woods
Shirts:2- Two -M, 1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -L
Group:12B  Team Gasparro
Captain: Louis Gasparro
Shirts:2- Two -L, 1- ONE -XL, 1- ONE -M


Group:13A  Joe Leone’s
Captain: Joe Leone’s
Shirts:2- Two -XL, 2- Two -L
Group: 13B  Zipps
Captain: Joseph Schaad
Shirts:1- ONE -XL, 2- Two -L, 1- ONE -XXL


Group: 14A  Manasquan Bank
Captain: Mark Beriault
Shirts: 1- ONE -L, 1- ONE -M-(F), 1- ONE -SM-(F), 1- ONE -XXL
Group: 14B  Mario DeFilippis
Captain: Mario DeFilippis
Shirts:2- Two -L, 2- Two -XL


Group:15A  Team Archiello
Captain: Nicole Archiello
Shirts:1- ONE -L-(F), 2- Two -L, 1- ONE -XL
Group: 15B  The Papa Group
Captain: Nick Papa
Shirts: 4- FOUR – L-


Group: 16A  Fortune Title
Captain: Fortune Title
Shirts:1- ONE -SM-(F), 3- THREE -L
Group: 16B  Hole in Ten
Captain: Paul Munnelly
Shirts:1- ONE -L, 2- Two -XL, 1- ONE -SM-(F)


Group: 17A  Mulligans
Captain: Randy Rappe
Shirts:2- Two -XL, 2- Two -L
Group: 17B  Pine Barrens
Captain: Timothy O’Hara
Shirts:4- FOUR – XL


Group: 18A  Team Driscoll
Captain: Driscoll
Shirts:1- ONE -XL, 2- Two -L, 1- ONE -M
Group: 18B  Team David
Captain: Travis David
Shirts:4- FOUR – XL

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2nd Annual Golf Outing

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Event Shift Details

We greatly appreciate your support!

Name Location Time
10am-Noon – Registration 
Greeter– aid swag bags, check in, explain the process
Sara Smith Pro Shop 10am-Noon
Tara Bellomy Pro Shop 10am-Noon
Michelle Langan Pro Shop 10am-Noon
Meegan Napholz Pro Shop 10am-Noon
Beth  English Pro Shop 10am-Noon
Gopher App Assistance 
Sign In and Help people navigate the app
Joey Infozino Pro Shop 10am-Noon
Meghan Ghaffari Pro Shop 10am-Noon
11am -4pm – On Course 
ANWF 1  TRAVEL 4pm -7pm
ANWF 2  TRAVEL 4pm -7pm
Broadcast Support
Tina TRAVEL 11am -4
Dan Pace TRAVEL 11am -4
Cash Hole Support – collect & track cash for hole in one
Meegan Napholz Hole 3 11am -4
Jean Flaherty Hole 3 11am -4
Spotter for spot on Hole in One Car
Kyle Sicknick Hole 6 11am -4
Meghan Ghaffari Hole 6 11am -4
Whack A Duck – aid in tracking the duck competition, collect cash -duck tracker & retriever with Julia Smith
Beth  English Hole 8 11am -4
Meegan Napholz Hole 8 11am -4
Putting Contest – sell and qualify all for the 90 foot playoff putt
Sami Reiser Pro Shop 11am -4
Carrie Reiser Pro Shop 11am -4
4pm -7pm – Dining Room 
Gift Tables and Trophy Presentation
Tara Smith  Dining Room 4pm -7pm
Julia Smith Dining Room 4pm -7pm
Sara Smith Dining Room 4pm -7pm
Emma Smith Dining Room 4pm -7pm
ANWF 50/50 
ANWF 1 Dining Room 4pm -7pm
ANWF 2 Dining Room 4pm -7pm
Food Station Assistance
Joey Infozino Mobile 4pm -7pm

Event Safety Requirements

Masks are to be worn at all times until in the golf cart and on the course.

Masks to be worn again once finishing the course unless sit down dining.

No at bar service, waiters will be available for drink orders.

We apologize but we are not able to offer a traditional cocktail hour.

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